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And I’m out

So the beginning of my favorite K’naan song goes like this: “Any man who knows a thing knows he knows not a damn, damn thing at all.” I love that line. The song is called ‘Take a minute,’ and I … Continue reading

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the old man and his flip flop

People of the webs, I’m back.  I didn’t really go anywhere.  But I took a blog break.   Got lazy.  Got busy.  But here I am.   Back, in small part, by request.  It turns out that my mom, dad, and sister … Continue reading

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bacteria, the West Wing, and coffee shops

So I’m writing when I should be sleeping.   But I can’t.  So hear I am.   Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post.   Well, a lot and not much at all—let me explain.  Or try.  Or ramble about Alicia … Continue reading

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people of the webs

if you’re reading what i’m writing, please leave a comment! blogs are supposed to be interactive! maybe i’ll be more absurd to prompt discussion!

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Alicia Keys and high school me

So I’m alive and kicking. It. In Accra. (Really) witty puns aside, I got over my cold. Bam! So Friday night after work I met Matt and Julia for dinner at Frankies. Frankies is the place expats go in Ghana … Continue reading

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Don’t call it a comeback!

Seriously, don’t.  So I beat the stomach bug! Take that, stomach bug! But I managed to get a head cold.   I know what you’re thinking: “kid can’t catch a break.”  I know it.  Maybe I’m allergic to Africa?  Or maybe … Continue reading

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“Yea, probably. Minus the gross parts”

Another scattered post.  Maybe you should get used to it? Order and sentence structure and proper diction are for suckers.  And punctuation! Grammar be damned. So Saturday I ran around town with Matt, Julia, Esther and Paul.  They’re all here … Continue reading

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