I am a Masters in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. I’ll be in Ghana this summer working for Innovations for Poverty Action. But this blog will be less about my gig, and more about life in Ghana–what I do, what I see, and what I learn.

I speak for me and only me.  Every word, period, comma, and idiom–every everything–is mine.


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  1. Janet Rusin says:

    I met your mother at Curves and she gave me a printout of your experiences at Paga an d the crocodiles. My husband and I were there with a Ghanaian friend a few years ago! Her home village was not far from Paga, and we were visiting her family compound. She and I actually sat on the croc!! She was very frightened, but when she saw me doing it, she joined me.
    I hope you enjoy every moment in Ghana. We visited twice, and stayed with our friend Faustina, who worked for the Volta River Authority in Takoradi. She was a fabulous, giving person who took a total of six children from her village, paid for their schooling so that they could advance. She passed away from liver cancer, probably caused by malaria, which she had since childhood. Her message:
    We loved the Ghanaian people and treasure every moment we spent in Ghana.
    Janet Rusin

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