“Yea, probably. Minus the gross parts”

Another scattered post.  Maybe you should get used to it? Order and sentence structure and proper diction are for suckers.  And punctuation! Grammar be damned.

So Saturday I ran around town with Matt, Julia, Esther and Paul.  They’re all here working with TAMTAM, doing a behavioral study on bed net usage.  We watched the U.S. vs. Australia soccer match, went to the grocery store, and bought some counterfeit DVDs.

I promptly went home, watched the first couple of episodes of The Wire, changed and got ready for dinner.  Went to this fish place called Blue Gate.   I’ve heard it’s great but wouldn’t know—my stomach was feeling off so I decided to snack on a kebab rather than dive into a Talapia.  Not sure if it would’ve made any difference.  I spent most of the night puking and doing just about everything else that accompanies a stomach bug (will spare you the details).

I woke up at noon the next day probably 5lbs lighter and feeling pretty terrible.  I spent just about all of Sunday in bed, watching the Wire—thank goodness for the Chinese and their counterfeits.  I expected to get sick while I was here, but didn’t necessarily think it would happen in the first three days.   I haven’t had much of an appetite since, but started eating bananas and rice today. Baby steps.  Talked a bit with my sister on the phone.  She asked if I was going to blog about puking.  I said “Yea, probably.  Minus the gross parts.”   Ta-da!

Best part of Monday: my Ghanaian office-mate’s cell phone goes off, and the ring tone is “End of the Road,” by Boyz II Men.  If only it were Motown Philly!

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One Response to “Yea, probably. Minus the gross parts”

  1. Emily says:

    Ta-da is right! Glad you took my blogging advice. I want an editor credit.

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